Corporate Values

Corporate Values


JT HOTSHOTTING is extremely loyal to its customer base. Because of that, we want to facilitate long term relationships utilizing our corporate values with each and every customer who contracts us to transport for them. Whether you are a large corporation or a private individual, you will get the same high level of service awarded to everyone. We have become well known in our industry for our reliable services since we realize how essential our customers are to our success.

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Dedication & Commitment

A company can only become an industry leader through dedication to service and commitment to customers. It is because of this reason that JT HOTSHOTTING has gotten this reputation and has been able to win over the confidence of our customers. We are so confident in our dedication and commitment that we offer a 100% on time delivery guarantee on all hot shots or the customer doesn’t pay. You won’t find that type of passion anywhere other than at JT HOTSHOTTING.

Our Drivers

We treat our drivers with the highest level of respect found in our industry. Our drivers also earn the highest pay available. We respect our workforce since we realize that they are the backbone to our success. JT HOTSHOTTING’s drivers are professionals who conduct themselves accordingly so you can rest easy knowing your cargo is in safe and happy hands. We DO NOT ask our drivers to push beyond their limits as safety and health is our top priority.


In the transport and trucking industry there are many rules and regulations to follow. We conduct our business activities while adhering to them, and wherever possible, exceeding all legal and regulatory obligations. JT HOTSHOTTING believes in honest and transparent relationships – not only with our customers but also with our vendors. This builds a level of trust across the board assuring you that our prices will always be fair.

Social Responsibility

The circumstance of running a fleet of trucks on the road is that we are in constant contact with the public. As a commercial carrier, it is our responsibility to ensure that we employ safe driving and proper vehicle maintenance practices to ensure the general public’s safety. We also do our best to source our parts and equipment locally to Vancouver, BC since sustaining a local economy is vital to our success.

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