What Is Hot Shot Trucking?

The term Hot Shot Trucking is widely overused these days by trucking companies with really no understanding of what it truly means. Originally, hot shot trucking, as a service, started gaining traction in the Alberta oilfields during the 1960’s and 1970’s. This type of service was geared towards supplying the oilfields quicker and cheaper than a traditional line haul highway tractor could as drivers were using pickup trucks and flat deck trailers to run hot shots or what was also known as Less Than Truckload or Less Than Load (LTL) shipments. Generally speaking, trucking companies will consolidate many loads onto one trailer which of course is economical but pays no attention to time sensitivity. Therefore during the early days of its inception hot shot trucking actually played a critical role in developing the Alberta oil sands. Shipments were never held up due to consolidation but rather dispatched immediately on dedicated trucks. Coincidentally, in the United States of America, the Texas oilfields were seeing a similar boom in Hot Shot Trucking services for many of the same reasons.

Hot Shot Trucking

Wow! That All Sounded Great! So What Happened?

Eventually, Hot Shot Trucking got watered down over the years into merely “pickup trucking”. It became a popular way for people to buy themselves a “job” mainly due to the low cost of entry. For example, a brand new 1 ton pickup truck costs only $50,000-$80,000 versus a new highway tractor costing upwards of $200,000. Another factor is that you only need a regular Class 5 licence (not a Class 1 with air brakes) to drive a 1 ton or 2 ton truck with a gooseneck trailer. Also, there is less bureaucratic red tape to get involved such as cheaper vehicle and cargo & liability insurance and there is no need to register with IFTA among many other things. All too often when the bar of entry is low, like anything else the level of service suffers. Hot Shot Trucking became an easy daily “job” to make money while not having to work too hard.

Hot Shot Trucking Company

How Is JT HOTSHOTTING Different?

That’s a great question and we’re more than happy to answer it. Hot Shot Trucking is not a “job” for us, it’s our passion! We have also revolutionized it into a service that’s even better than it was originally intended to be. For starters, and quite possibly the most important feature of our service, JT HOTSHOTTING promises a 100% on time delivery guarantee which means if we’re late in arriving, the customer pays $0. That’s right, there is not even an invoice. We work hard to be the ultimate and most reliable Hot Shot Trucking company in North America.

The second most important aspect is that JT HOTSHOTTING will dispatch the most efficient truck or truck & trailer from our large and versatile fleet for your specific shipment needs within minutes of receiving the Hot Shot shipment order. It’s important to know that we work around the schedule of our customers whom we consider our “boss”.

Thirdly, you’ll have only one point of contact with us from the beginning to the end of your shipment delivery. That includes everything from the initial quote, to booking, regular personalized email updates of shipment status, confirmation of arrival and even when it comes time for invoicing.

Lastly, we are different because we will hot shot anything within Canada and the United States of America. We have a fleet of trucks that range from Mercedes Sprinters all the way up to highway tractors. Our fleet of trailers include everything from open & enclosed car haulers, boat & sailboat trailers, all sizes of flat deck trailers and dry vans. It doesn’t matter what it is, if your shipment is time sensitive we’ve got you covered.

We’ve saved our clients MILLIONS of dollars in downtime through providing our time sensitive shipping services. Get the true power of Hot Shot Trucking to work for you!