Transport Services

Our transport services are available across North America.

Transport Services

Our transport services are available across North America.

JT HOTSHOTTING is proud to provide a wide range of transport services tailored to every individual’s need. Over the years, we’ve become well known for specializing in certain niches of trucking while providing industry leading reliability and professionalism.

All of our transport services are covered by our more than adequate commercial cargo and liability insurance policy and well as our ICBC garage policy. As our slogan states, we strive to exceed our clients expectations. It is this core value which has set us apart from our competition and has enabled us to succeed in our markets.

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Hot Shot Trucking by JT HOTSHOTTING

Hot Shot Trucking

This is the method of trucking on which we founded our company. This service will enable you to ship your goods urgently at any time of the day even on holidays and weekends.

Auto Transport by JT HOTSHOTTING

Auto Transport

We are extremely experienced in transporting cars and trucks. We provide both open and enclosed auto transport services.

Power Boat Transport by JT HOTSHOTTING

Boat Transport

Boat transport is one of our specialties. We have all of the correct equipment to move your pride and joy safely and securely.

Construction Industrial Transport by JT HOTSHOTTING

Construction & Industrial Transport

The construction industry is extremely fast paced. JT HOTSHOTTING provides hot shot trucking services to all types of construction sites.

Equipment Transport

Equipment Transport

We’ve got the experience and wide variety of trailers to transport all types of equipment. Both urban and remote location deliveries are offered.

Lowbed Trucking Services by JT HOTSHOTTING

Lowbed Trucking

Our lowbed trucking service is designed to accommodate a multitude of equipment whether it be static or self-propelled.

Over Dimensional Transport by JT HOTSHOTTING

Over Dimensional Transport

JT HOTSHOTTING has always placed its focus on its ability to provide transport solutions for customers with unique or challenging loads since our humble beginnings.

Pilot Car Services by JT HOTSHOTTING

Pilot Car Service

Are you a company who frequently hauls over-dimensional loads? JT HOTSHOTTING can provide reliable pilot car services at competitive rates!

Power Only Trucking by JT HOTSHOTTING

Power Only Trucking

Our highway tractors include heavy spec tandem and tri-drive power units with optimally adjustable 5th wheel hitches.

Tiny Home Transport by JT HOTSHOTTING

Tiny Home Trasport

We’re able to move your tiny house anywhere from across town to across the country or even to the United States.

Trailer & RV Transport by JT HOTSHOTTING

Trailer & RV Transport

We understand that people want to have their toys but do not want to deal with the logistics. If you need to get your RV from A to B, we can help

Trucking & Shipping Services by JT HOTSHOTTING

Trucking & Shipping

To compliment our ultra premium hot shot trucking service, we offer extremely reliable, predictable, on time and well priced general trucking and shipping services.