Environmental Policy

Environmental Policy

Since JT HOTSHOTTING operates a fleet of trucks and trailers, it is vital that we abide by a strict environmental policy which helps us avoid leaving a costly negative environmental impact.

Company Expectations

  • Employment of a truck and trailer maintenance program which ensures used parts, waste oil and any other by-products are disposed of and recycled in a responsible manner.
  • Trucks are outfitted with all EPA (Environment Protection Agency) emissions control equipment to reduce carbon footprint.
  • Fleet is maximally maintained to ensure efficient operation.
  • Training of team members so that they may actively participate in and employ our environmental policies.
  • Conservation of our natural resources through reusing and recycling wherever possible.
  • Adoption of new technology and innovative practices which limit waste and resource usage.

Driver Expectations

Speeding is the number one source of poor fuel mileage and unnecessary carbon emissions that is within the driver’s control. JT HOTSHOTTING encourages its drivers to drive at the posted speed limits. Our drivers are also directed to leave their trash in proper waste disposal containers and recycle bottles and other recyclables wherever possible while out on a trip.

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