As JT HOTSHOTTING grows larger, so are the jobs we undertake. In order to stay aligned with our customers’ needs, we acquire new equipment as necessary. Recently, requests have been building for us to get into the larger flat decking arena.

Manac Trailers Tridem Step Deck Side Profile 2015

Why Did We Choose Manac Trailers?

Since the majority of what we transport is over-dimensional, we opted to purchase a fantastically made in Canada 2015 53′ Manac Trailers tridem stepdeck with an accomodating deck height of only 36″ – made possible in part by the low profile 17.5″ aluminum wheel and tire package. Each axle is rated at a healthy 23,000 lbs providing for large payload capabilities and features automatic air pressure regulating valves for each tire.

Visibility wise the trailer is outfitted completely with LED lights, hi-vis tape and 4 strobing side marker lights which can extend outwards for transporting wide loads safely. Big and beautiful aluminum toolboxes mounted under the trailer complete the professional look while providing ample space for our cargo securement gear.

JT HOTSHOTTING only operates with top of the line (such as Canadian made Manac Trailers) and well maintained equipment ensuring that your shipment is delivered reliably and on time. After all, that is how we live up to our slogan “EXCEEDING EXPECTATIONS”!

Please use our Contact Form or call us if you need a price quote for using any of our services. We are available 24/7/365!

JT Hotshotting Tilbury Industrial Park Delta BCNew Tilbury Industrial Park Location With Fenced 1 Acre Yard
2008 Dodge Ram 5500 Flat Deck Old2008 Dodge Ram 5500 "Old Faithful" Makeover

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