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Custom Highliner Trailers 40′ Gooseneck Boat Trailer

By July 17, 2012 No Comments
2012 Highliner Trailers 40ft Gooseneck Boat Trailer 1

With summer in full swing now, we’d like to announce that we’ve gone out and purchased a custom 2012 40ft gooseneck boat trailer by Highliner Trailers. That’s right, JT Hotshotting is getting into transporting yachts on the larger end of the spectrum and there isn’t much this trailer can’t do! It’s a very impressive rig.

Highliner Trailers Gooseneck Features:

  • 3 x 8,000lb axles
  • 16 ply tires rated at 4,000lbs each
  • fully adjustable bunks
  • hydraulic disc brakes
  • LED lighting
  • adjustment for 2 smaller boats or up to a 44ft yacht
  • convenient tie downs all along the side channels
  • electrical pig tails located in areas where clearance lights are needed for over width boats
  • rear provision/protection for rear prop drive shaft style boats

Please advise us if our boat transport service can be of any use to you. We will get you a quote and your move scheduled right away!

2012 Highliner Trailers 40ft Gooseneck Boat Trailer 2

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